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 Psytronik Software Releases (2008-2017)

All the products that are currently available or are in production from Psytronik Software are listed below.
Please click on the links for more information about each release.

Commodore 64 
C64 Tape:

Sceptre Of Baghdad (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Archetype & Cops 3 (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Sub Hunter (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Psykozone (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Escape From Arth [2008 Special Edition] (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Mayhem In Monsterland (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Joe Gunn (Gold Edition) (C64 tape) (Now Available)
The Last Amazon Trilogy (C64 tape) (Now Available)
The Wild Bunch (C64 tape) (Now Available)
1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Hyper Viper 64 (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Sheepoid (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 2 (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Soulless (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Greenrunner / Redrunner (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Get 'Em DX (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Trance Sector (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Jon Wells C64 Classix [Vol.1] (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Assembloids (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Guns 'n' Ghosts (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Mojon Twins Triple-Pack (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Flubble & Squij (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Sheepoid DX / Woolly Jumper Twin-Pack (C64 tape) (Now Available)
The Vice Squad (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Ultimate Cops (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Darkness (C64 tape / Ultimate Edition tape) (Now Available)
Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 3 (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Phase Out (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Rocket Smash EX (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Jam It (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Super Carling The Spider (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Catnipped (C64 tape) (TBA)
Honey Bee (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Eye of the Gods (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Barnsley Badger (C64 tape) (Now Available)
My Life (C64 tape) (Now Available)
P0 Snake (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Hammer Down (C64 tape) (TBA)
Space Trip 2086 (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 4 (C64 tape) (Now Available)
Sleepwalker (C64 tape) (Now Available)
The Sky Is Falling (C64 tape) (TBA)

Commodore 64 
C64 Disk: 

Sceptre Of Baghdad (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Archetype & Cops 3 (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Sub Hunter (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Psykozone (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Escape From Arth [2008 Special Edition] (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Mayhem In Monsterland (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Creatures (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Creatures 2 (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Armalyte (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Joe Gunn - Gold Edition (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Knight 'n' Grail (C64 Disk) (Now Available!)
The Last Amazon Trilogy (C64 Disk) (Now Available) 
Wanted: The Wild Bunch (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Hyper Viper 64 (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Sheepoid (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Oracle 3 (C64 Disk) (Now Available) 
Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 2 (C64 Disk) (Now Available) 
Soulless (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Greenrunner / Redrunner (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Get 'Em DX (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Trance Sector (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Jon Wells C64 Classix [Vol.1] (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Mojon Twins Triple-Pack (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Guns 'n' Ghosts (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Flubble & Squij (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Sheepoid DX / Woolly Jumper Twin-Pack (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Ultimate Cops (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
The Vice Squad (C64 Budget / Premium Disk) (Now Available)
Darkness (C64 Budget / Premium / Ultimate Disk) (Now Available)
Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 3 (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Maze of the Mummy (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
Phase Out (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Rocket Smash EX (C64 Disk) (Now Available)
Jam It (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
Super Carling The Spider (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
Catnipped (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (TBA)
Hyperion (C64 Budget / Premium+ / Ultimate Edition Disk) (TBA)
Honey Bee (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
Eye of the Gods (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
Hessian (C64 Budget / Premium+ / Ultimate Edition Disk) (Now Available)
Barnsley Badger (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
My Life (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
P0 Snake (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
Hammer Down (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (TBA)
Space Trip 2086 (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (April 2017)
Platman Worlds (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (April 2017)
Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 4 (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (Now Available)
Slipstream (C64 Budget / Premium+ / Ultimate Edition Disk) (TBA)
Planet Golf (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (TBA)
Sleepwalker (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (April 2017)
Soulless II: Armour Of Gods (C64 Budget / Premium+ / Ultimate Edition Disk) (TBA)
The Sky Is Falling (C64 Budget / Premium+ Disk) (TBA)
Argus (C64 Budget / Premium+ / Ultimate Edition Disk) (TBA)

Commodore Plus/4
Commodore C16 + Plus/4:

Adventures in Time (C16 + Plus/4 Disk) (Now Available)
Majesty of Sprites (C16 + Plus/4 Disk) (Now Available)
Majesty of Sprites 2 - The Lands Of Zador (C16 + Plus/4 Disk) (Now Available)
Slipstream (C16 + Plus/4 Disk) (TBA)

VIC 20

VIC-20 Disk:

Carling The Spider (VIC-20 Budget / Premium Disk Edition) (Now Available)
Realms Of Quest Trilogy (VIC-20 Budget / Premium Disk Edition) (Now Available)
Theater Of War (VIC-20 Budget / Premium Disk Edition) (Now Available)
Realms Of Quest IV (VIC-20 Budget / Premium Disk Edition) (Now Available)   

Amstrad CPC

Amstrad CPC Tape:

Sub Hunter (Now Available)
Dead On Time (Now Available)
Relentless (Now Available) 



Armalyte (PC) (Now Available)
Autocross Racing (PC) (Now Available)
Zytron II (PC) (Now Available)

 Psytronik Software Releases (1993-2016)
(In chronological order with catalogue numbers)

psytronik01 - Sceptre of Baghdad [C64] (1993 + June 2008)
psytronik02 - Archetype + COPS 3 [C64] (1993 + July 2008)
psytronik03 - Sub Hunter [C64] (Aug 2008)
psytronik04 - Psykozone [C64] (Aug 2008)
psytronik05 - Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set [C64] (1994 + Sep 2008)
psytronik06 - Escape From Arth 2008 Special Edition [C64] (Oct 2008)
psytronik07 - Mayhem in Monsterland 15th Anniversary Edition [C64] (Nov 2008)
psytronik08 - Creatures [C64] (Feb 2009)
psytronik09 - Joe Gunn Gold Edition [C64] (Apr 2009)
psytronik10 - Creatures 2 [C64] (Apr 2009)
psytronik11 - Armalyte [C64] (May 2009)
psytronik12 - Knight 'n' Grail [C64] (May 2009)
psytronik13 - The Last Amazon Trilogy [C64] (June 2009)
psytronik14 - Carling the Spider [VIC-20] (June 2009)
PSYPC001 - Armalyte [PC] (June 2009)
psytronik15 - Realms of Quest [VIC-20] (Oct 2009)
psytronik16 - Wanted: The Wild Bunch [C64] (Sep 2009)
psytronik17 - Star Sabre 128K + Dead on Time [CPC] (Mar 2010)
psytronik18 - They Didn't Quite Sell A Million [C64] (Mar 2010)
psytronik19 - Adventures in Time [C16 + Plus/4] (Nov 2010)
psytronik20 - 1,000 Kung-Fu Maniacs [C64] (Feb 2011)
psytronik21 - Sub Hunter [CPC] (Feb 2011)
PSYPC002 - AutoCross Racing [PC] (Feb 2011)
psytronik22 - Sheepoid [C64] (June 2011)
psytronik23 - Hyper Viper [C64] (June 2011)
psytronik25 - Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 2 [C64] (Nov 2011)
psytronik24 - Oracle III [C64] (Dec 2011)
PSYPC003 - Zytron II [PC] (Apr 2012)
psytronik26 - Soulless [C64] (June 2012)
psytronik27 - Greenrunner / Redrunner [C64] (Oct 2012)
psytronik28 - Get Em Dx [C64] (Oct 2012)
psytronik29 - Trance Sector [C64] (Oct 2012)
psytronik30 - Jon Wells C64 Classix Vol.1 (Jan 2013)
psytronik31 - Guns 'n' Ghosts [C64] (Feb 2013)
psytronik31b - Assembloids [C64] (Feb 2013)
psytronik32 - The Mojon Twins - 3 Games In 1 [C64] (Apr 2013)
psytronik35 - Flubble & Squij [C64] (June 2013)
psytronik36 - Sheepoid DX + Woolly Jumper [C64] (June 2013)
psytronik33 - Ultimate Cops [C64] (July 2013)
psytronik34 - Theater Of War Trilogy [VIC-20] (Aug 2013)
psytronik37 - The Vice Squad [C64] (Dec 2013)
psytronik40 - Relentless [CPC] (Dec 2013)
psytronik38 - Realms of Quest IV [VIC-20] (Jan 2014)
psytronik39 - Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 3 [C64] (Mar 2014)
psytronik41 - Phase Out [C64] (Apr 2014)
psytronik42 - Darkness [C64] (May 2014)
psytronik43 - Rocket Smash EX [C64] (February 2015)
psytronik44 - Kung Fu Maniacs Trilogy [C64] (June 2015)
psytronik45 - Gravitrix [C64] (June 2015)
psytronik46 - X-Force [C64] (June 2015)
psytronik47 - Jam It [C64] (Feb 2016)
psytronik48 - Majesty of Sprites [C16 + Plus/4] (Feb 2016)
psytronik49 - Honey Bee [C64] (May 2016)
psytronik50 - Super Carling the Spider [C64] (Feb 2016)
psytronik51 - Eye of the Gods [C64] (April 2016)
psytronik52 - Hessian [C64] (May 2016)
psytronik53 - Barnsley Badger [C64] (July 2016)
psytronik54 - Platman Worlds [C64] (April 2017)
psytronik55 - Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 4 [C64] (February 2017)
psytronik56 - Maze of the Mummy [C64] (July 2016)
psytronik57 - My Life [C64] (August 2016)
psytronik58 - Majesty Of Sprites II - The Lands of Zador [C16 + Plus/4] (Aug 2016)
psytronik59 - P0 Snake [C64] (Sep 2016)
psytronik60 - Hammer Down [C64] (TBA)
psytronik61 - Star Sabre 64K / 128K [CPC] (Dec 2016)
psytronik62 - Space Trip 2086 [C64] (April 2017)
psytronik63 - SEUDS 1 & 2 Twin Pack [C64] (Feb 2017)

psytronik64 - Planet Golf [C64] (TBA)
psytronik65 - Sleepwalker [C64] (April 2017)
psytronik66 - Soulless II: Armour Of Gods [C64] (TBA)
psytronik67 - The Sky Is Falling[C64] (TBA)
psytronik68 - Slipstream [C64 + Plus/4] (TBA)
psytronik69 - Argus [C64] (TBA)

(Note: Some of the catalogue numbers are out of sync with the release dates
as the titles were allocated catalogue numbers during development).