Realms of Quest Trilogy (VIC-20)

Realms of Quest 
Enter Realms of Quest III, the computer game that offers you the chance to assemble a party of six adventurers who undertake heroic acts in a vast world of deep dunjons to explore, fantastic creatures to fight you, and treasures to be won.

The adventure is not for the faint of heart, it is a challenging but rewarding experience. You are invited to discover for yourself the following features that await you in this grand computer role playing game for the Commodore VIC-20*:

 •  12,000+ lines of assembly language, compiled into a fast and responsive game-playing experience.
 •  An easy to understand, intuitive, user-friendly menu system and interface.
 •  Multi-color graphics along with a 3D first person perspective when you explore the underground dunjons.
 •  Over 70 monsters, where each of them is represented with it’s own portrait during combat.
 •  40 magic spells, 8 races, 8 classes and many different weapons, armor, potions and special items.
 •  In-context game music, a "surface" world map, along with joystick support (32K version).
 •  The double-sided disk includes the complete Realms of Quest Trilogy along with several other games by the author:  Dunjon II, Ringside Boxing, Break-Fast, Napoleon Simulator, plus many more. 20 games in all!
 •  A detailed and illustrated 36 page instruction manual with several tables and charts for easy reference.

* - Realms of Quest III requires 32K memory expansion. Realms of Quest III: Dunjon Crawler
requires 16K. The rest of the games in this package (including Realms of Quest I + II)
can be run on the unexpanded VIC-20.
 Realms of Quest III  Realms of Quest III
It has been a thousand years since the great bards had written the epic poem telling the legend of a hero who had slain the demon wizard, Nikaedor.  The hero, though mortally wounded, shouted a final cry of victory: “Hark! The Evil Wizard and his Eternal Orb no longer hold dominion over this land”.

It has been a thousand years since…

And now, bandits, orcs, highwaymen and all sorts of vile creatures have gotten bolder. Where they roamed before as mere nuisance, they now dare more often, and even well armed escorts are no longer safe from their attacks. They wander from their wilderness and abandoned ruins of the Land of Rivar to threaten cities within our borders. Sanctuary can no longer be guaranteed.

Then came a far worse day; a day that saw superstition pierce to reality. Dragons, as told in ancient tales from a time beyond memory, began terrorizing our lands. By these tales, it was believed that upon every new moon, the sacrifice of a young maiden, pure in heart and and virtue, would spare the fate of the dragon’s breath. And thus the villages renewed these rituals of terror in order to save themselves.

The dragons sounded a flood of orcs, kobolds, ogres and all sorts of deformed humanoids to rally and attack. Once believed our symbol of strength, peace and protection, the King’s castle was ransacked a year after the first of the dragons was seen. The great Land of Rivar was now reduced to a vassal colony and would pay tribute to all things evil.

Sages and scribes scurried through the ancient texts, desperate to find answers. In the scant remains of the Lyceum of the King's castle, only a fragment of the ancient poem was found:

“The daemon hath been defeated and a new day begun.
A day to last a thousand years ‘til the setting of the sun.”

The scholars argued on its meaning. In the end, they settled to a one common fear: “Nikaedor”. The legends told his power was so great that he could reverse his own death by himself.  All shuddered at the thought.

The King sent forth his finest on a scouting mission to the old ruins of Nikaedor's lair; warriors of unyielding strength, magic wielders of cunning sorcery. After the passing of several moons, their bodies floated in the moat of our once-beloved castle . Struck with shock and grief, a journal was retrieved from their watery grave. The final entry petrified those with ears to hear it:

“Nikaedor has returned. Death to those who fail to pay tribute on this day and forever. Hail Nikaedor!”


 Realms of Quest III  Realms of Quest III