Steel Ranger (C64)

Steel Ranger
After thrilling C64 gamers with his masterpiece HESSIAN, Lasse Öörni returns to the C64 with the brand new action-packed run & gun arcade-adventure STEEL RANGER. Take control of a cybernetic hero and explore a massive world filled with traps, enemies and huge boss encounters.  If you liked HESSIAN you are going to love STEEL RANGER!

Steel Ranger (C64) 

STEEL RANGER can now be ordered in three different formats for the C64:-

The COLLECTOR'S EDITION is presented in a stunning fully printed glossy box that contains the game on floppy disk, soundtrack CD, artwork stickers, a deluxe art card, badges, glossy game artwork poster + more!

The PREMIUM PLUS DISK EDITION of the game is presented with full colour double-sided artwork in a clear plastic disk case.

The BUDGET DISK EDITION features a 5.25" floppy disk presented in a full colour glossy disk-sleeve with a glossy disk label and printed instruction booklet.

Steel Ranger (C64)  
YEAR 2218.
As humanity is forced to expand beyond Earth, they come into contact with a hostile 
machine intelligence born from their own creations. By initially using military shipments 
thought to be lost, it has mined other planets for resources and built a vast offensive 
fleet. Now mankind is stranded in a desperate war, with safety nowhere to be found.
United Military patrol ship "Scourge" led by commander Archer Hess picks up an unusual 
transmission sent from a barren planet - Ones & Zeroes forming an Omega symbol. Though 
possibly a trap, the ship is cleared to investigate. Its crew is equipped with self-
charging "Ranger" armour suits, designed for combat against overwhelming enemies in any 

Steel Ranger (C64) 


· Massive smooth scrolling world to explore
· Customizable main character
· Immersive gameplay
· Upgradeable Systems & Weaponry
· Character interaction
· Superb animation
· Amazing boss battles
· Interactive soundtracks 
· SD2IEC compatible
· PAL and NTSC compatible 

Steel Ranger (C64) 


Coding & Design by Lasse Öörni
Graphics by Lasse Öörni
Music by Lasse Öörni
Packaging Artwork by Trevor Storey
Steel Ranger (C64)
 Steel Ranger